Happily Family Online Parentin Conference

The founders of the online Happily Family Parenting Conference, Cecilia and Jason Hilkey, asked HomeSchool ThinkTank to help them lead a life-changing, global event – the Happily Family Online Parenting Conference.

This FREE virtual event attracts over 100 thousand mindful parents and professionals who work with children from over 200 countries to see how to use brain science and connection to raise resilient and motivated kids!

The Online Happily Family Parenting Conference Is For Parents Who…

  • Want expert advice to help your child to be resilient and self-motivated, to listen and do their best.
  • Have a sensitive, strong-willed, distracted, emotionally intense, or anxious child in your family.
  • Want to help your child manage their feelings and behaviors while using connection and understanding (without threats or bribes.)
  • Are curious about how to have healthy boundaries.
  • Want your kids to feel loved by you, no matter what?

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The Happily Family Online Conference Is Happening Now: November 2022!

The conference only happens once a year, and it is completely FREE.

You’ll hear over 25 experts offer effective tools for…

  • How to be resilient in difficult times.
  • Raising a highly sensitive or differently wired child.
  • Coping skills for big feelings.
  • Talking to kids about race, pornography, and addiction.
  • Parenting teens or toddlers.

The Happily Family Parenting Conference covers these topics and much more.

The next conference is beginning now: November 2022!

Learn From World-Renowned Experts!

Happily Family Online Parenting Conference: Mindful Parenting and Emotional Wellness. HomeSchool ThinkTank is proud to partner with the host of this parenting conference: Happily Family

November 2022 Online Happily Family Parenting Conference: Join the Waiting List Now!

The Happily Family Conference is among the best parenting conferences in the world.

World-renowned speakers include Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Lynetta Willis, Keira Merkovsky, Dayna Abraham, Seth Perler, and Suzanne Tucker.

This is a unique event that happens once a year over five days.

Join the conference live each day or watch the recordings later that day.

The five-day online conference is completely free to attend. If you want to own the recordings, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase them at the end of the conference.

The Happily Family Conference Features Dr. Daniel Siegel. A HomeSchool ThinkTank Podcast Interview.

Mindfulness & Parenting Presentations

Anxiety, Triggers, & Trauma Speakers

Positive Parenting Blog, Video, Podcast at www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

Inner Work of Parenting & Partnering Presentations

Watch Our Video Interview With the Founders of the Happily Family Parenting Conference!

Jason & Cecilia Hilkey share what the Happily Family Parenting Conference is about.

School, Screens & Social Skills Presenters

Connection Before Curriculum: Connecting with Your Kids Blog Article Podcast Video

Protective Conversations: Gender, Racism, Self-Harm

Books About Education, Parenting, Homeschooling, and Mindset. Video, Blog, Podcast.

Past Happily Family Conference Presenters

HomeSchool ThinkTank Happenings

Previous Happily Family Conference Speakers

Get more information about this year’s speakers here.

Listen to the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast!

HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast Map for May 2022. Listened to in 80+ Countries

Join the Online Happily Family Parenting Conference

Are you a parent who wants to…

  • Understand your children better?
  • Improve your parenting skills?
  • Learn more about child development?

The Happily Family Conference is part of a global movement of families and professionals who embrace a conscious and mindful approach to raising kids.

Does this sound like something you are interested in?

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More About the Online Happily Family Parenting Conference

A Message from the Founder of HomeSchool ThinkTank

Why Does HomeSchool ThinkTank Share This Event?

At HomeSchool ThinkTank, we’ve been sharing this conference for a few years now. It is one of our favorite events to share with parents. Why?

  • Leading experts in the field of parenting come together to share their knowledge and guide parents with scientifically backed parenting research and advice.
  • The Happily Family conference is easy to attend. This is an online event which makes it more accessible to attend. Watching or listening to the videos is easy.
  • The online community that surrounds this event is outstanding.
  • You will learn actionable tips to become a better parent.
  • The five-day event is free to attend, and you also have the opportunity to purchase the recordings to view later. We are a proud partner with Happily Family and appreciate it when you use the links that we provide.
I help parents see their own mind so they can homeschool their kids with confidence. Sign up for coaching with Jackie today!

Parenting Can Be Challenging

If you’re like many parents, you’re trying to improve your parenting skills. Each year, this conference inspires parents. You’ll learn new strategies that help will help you improve the family dynamic in your home.

The Happily Family Parenting Conference is getting started, and you’ll want to attend.

Some of the finest teachers, authors, researchers, and thought leaders in the world of parenting and education have presented at this conference.

An Online FREE Conference for Parents & Educators.

This is perfect for homeschooling parents!

Happily Family Online Parentin Conference

More Than Half-a-Million Parents & Professionals

Since its conception, this event has brought over half a million parents and professionals from all around the world together. Each year, the Hilkey’s bring together approximately 25 of the world’s leading experts. This 5-day conference is an excellent way for all parents to reflect on their past parenting and improve their future parenting.

Happily Family Parenting Conference

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