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Your Host of the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast!

Hi! My name is Jackie, and I’m the host of the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast. I’m also a life coach and licensed physical education teacher. And while I haven’t taught in a public school since before my kids were born, I have been homeschooling my kids for over a decade.

As a longtime homeschooling mom, I have experienced many challenges, and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. However, I’ve learned a tremendous amount from my trials, and I am well-equipped to guide you through your homeschooling journey.

As a person who cares deeply about homeschoolers, it is my goal to help you avoid and overcome challenges that are common to homeschooling families. I truly believe that homeschooling is a phenomenal opportunity, and I am on a mission to help you succeed at homeschooling your kids.

I’m passionate about homeschooling, and I support homeschooling parents in a variety of ways. One way that I serve homeschooling parents is through the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast.

You can learn more about more ways that I support homeschooling parents here.

About the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast!

Each week, I share expert interviews, information, education, mindset strategies, and inspiration that homeschooling parents need.

A New Podcast Episode Every Monday and Wednesday

The HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast shares two episodes each week.

  • Each Monday, you can listen to an episode that will help you feel inspired and up-level your mindset.
  • On Wednesdays, you’ll discover a podcast episode about homeschooling and parenting.

Throughout each podcast episode, I will guide you toward a more peaceful and fun-filled education journey with your kids.

HomeSchool ThinkTank With Jackie Mindset Mondays

Why Mindset On a Homeschooling & Parenting Podcast?

You might be wondering, “Why are you talking about mindset on a homeschooling and parenting podcast and website?”

You see, I believe that YOUR mindset is one of the most important aspects of parenting.  I think it might even be THE most important part of parenting and homeschooling your kids. 

While I wondered what my listeners would think of me talking about mindset on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast, it’s become clear that these episodes are some of your favorites.

So if you’ve wondered, “What does mindset have to do with homeschooling?”

My thought is, “Everything! Your mindset has everything to do with homeschooling your kids.”

“Your Mindset Has Everything

To Do With Homeschooling Your Kids!”

Your Mindset Matters

To my core, I believe that your mindset matters.

Over the past few years, I’ve gone out of my way to improve my mindset. While I began doing this to become a better leader for HomeSchool ThinkTank, I’ve found that the skills I’ve learned have value in every aspect of my life.

And one of the most important areas that I’ve felt a positive impact from my mindset work is as a parent. As a result, I believe that the best way to improve your parenting and homeschool your kids successfully is by working on your mindset.

If you want to uplevel your mindset, improve your parenting, and learn more about homeschooling, then join my online program for homeschooling parents.

It’s called THRIVE, and it’s designed for parents like you.

THRIVE: A Support Program for Homeschooling Parents

THRIVE: Coaching for Homeschool Parents

Supporting You While You Homeschool Your Kids.

Homeschool Success Begins with Your Mind

I believe that as homeschooling parents, your thinking has a tremendous impact on your family. I also think that homeschool success begins in your mind.

So while when you think of homeschooling, you’re probably thinking about curriculum and how you’re going to set up your “home school,” I’m here to tell you that you also want to begin thinking about the way you think.

Your Thinking Matters. More Than You Think.

I Help Parents See Their Own Mind So They Can Homeschool Their Kids Successfully. Coaching with Jackie.

Mindset Mondays on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast

In my Mindset Monday’s series on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast, I share information that will help you uplevel your mindset.

If you want to learn more about homeschooling and mindset with me, I also offer coaching services and an online support program for homeschooling parents.

I hope that you’ll not only benefit from what you begin learning here, but I also hope that you’ll begin teaching your kids these concepts too.  I think that the mindset management tools I teach are some of the most important ideas that a parent can teach a child.

Our Homeschooling and Parenting Podcast is Listened to by Parents Around the World

As you can see on the map below, we have the most podcast listeners in the United States.

  • We have the most listeners where the map is marked in green.
  • Where the map is marked with white, we also have people listening.
  • Please share the podcast and help us reach areas that are marked in dark grey.
HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast Map.  80+ Countries & Growing!

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Who is Listening to the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast?

People from more than 80 countries are listening to the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast. I’m so excited that the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast is serving homeschooling parents from around the world!

It’s free to follow or subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen.

I support you while you homeschool your kids. Coaching with Jackie.

Homeschooling with Jackie

The HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast is Growing!

These are all of the countries that the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast has reached over the lifetime of the podcast. Generally speaking, once we pick up our first few listeners in a country, the podcast continues to grow and spread.

Unfortunately, we sometimes see growth and then a sudden end to listeners in a specific country. When this happens, we suspect that we have been censored and that our listeners are unable to find our podcast.

If you are able to listen to our podcast, be grateful! If one day, you are unable to hear it anymore, we haven’t gone anywhere. You can always find us right here at www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com!

Thank you for listening to the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast!

The HomeSchool ThinkTank Community: an online group

Our Podcast Has Reached the Following Countries!

  1. Albania
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Belgium
  6. Belize
  7. Bermuda
  8. Bhutan
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Brazil
  11. Canada
  12. China
  13. Colombia
  14. Congo
  15. Costa Rica
  16. Cyprus
  17. Czech Republic
  18. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  19. Denmark
  20. Djibouti
  21. Ecuador
  22. Egypt
  23. Estonia
  24. Finland
  25. France
  26. Gabon
  27. Georgia
  28. Germany
  29. Ghana
  30. Greece
  31. Hong Kong
  32. Hungary
  33. Iceland
  34. India
  35. Indonesia
  36. Italy
  37. Iran
  38. Iraq
  39. Ireland
  40. Israel
  41. Italy
  42. Ireland
  43. Japan
  44. Jersey
  45. Jordan
  46. Kenya
  47. Korea
  48. Kuwait
  49. Latvia
  50. Lithuania
  51. Madagascar
  52. Malaysia
  53. Malta
  54. Mexico
  55. Moldova
  56. Morocco
  57. Namibia
  58. Nepal
  59. New Zealand
  60. Netherlands
  61. Nicaragua
  62. Nigeria
  63. Norway
  64. Pakistan
  65. Panama
  66. Philippines
  67. Poland
  68. Portugal
  69. Puerto Rico
  70. Qatar
  71. Romania
  72. Russia
  73. Saudi Arabia
  74. Senegal
  75. Singapore
  76. Slovakia
  77. Slovenia
  78. South Africa
  79. South Korea
  80. Spain
  81. South Africa
  82. Sri Lanka
  83. Sweden
  84. Switzerland
  85. Taiwan
  86. Thailand
  87. Trinidad and Tobago
  88. Tunisia
  89. Turkey
  90. Uganda
  91. United Arab Emirates
  92. United Kingdom
  93. Vietnam
  94. United States: All 50 States
  95. Zimbabwe

Be Our Guest on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast

Did you know that we interview all sorts of people and organizations on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast?

Our goal is to inform, inspire, and entertain parents who listen to the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast.

If you’re a homeschooling parent, child, or someone who has something that homeschooling parents might benefit from, you can book a call here.

Be Our Guest: Interviews with Jackie

We Interview People Who Homeschooling Parents Might Find Interesting…

Who do we interview on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast?

  • Homeschooling parents.
  • Experts in education.
  • Authors.
  • Homeschooled kids.
  • Therapists and counselors.
  • Experts in parenting.
  • Volunteer organizations.
  • Life coaches.
  • Adults who were homeschooled.
  • And maybe you too!

Did you know that you can search for any word that’s ever been said on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast?

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  • Start homeschooling.
  • Anything else you want to know.

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