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If you’re looking for an episode about historical figures or a specific time in world history, then check out our advanced podcast search engine. Click play then type any word into the search bar.

Our technology will bring you right to the word or phrase that you are looking for in a variety of educational history podcasts.

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Do you need some ideas? If you’re ready to deep dive into some of the best history podcasts, then enter one of these words or phrases into the search bar above to see what you discover!

  • World War
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Witch
  • Revisionist History
  • Current Events
  • Military History
  • Middle Ages
  • Fall of Rome
  • American Revolution
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • History of the Roman Empire
  • Black death
  • Slavery
  • Civil War
  • President Richard Nixon
  • French Revolution
  • Black History
  • Winston Churchill
  • Great Depression
  • Cold War


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Podcast Search Tips

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Did you get the following response in the search bar? “We couldn’t find any files matching your keyword.” If so, adjust your search phrase. For example, if you type in the phrase, “Witch hunt,” you might not find any results. However, if you type in the word, “witch,” you’ll discover more options.

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