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Learn about some of the best history podcasts and history curriculum that your homeschool family will love! Whether you homeschool your kids or not, you’ll love our curated collection of history podcasts.

In this article, you’ll discover…

When you access our collection of history podcasts, you’ll have the opportunity to search for any historical event you want to learn about. Our advanced podcast search engine will quickly search more than 1000 hours of podcast episodes and bring you right to the moment you are looking for!

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History Podcasts for Your Whole Family!

Are you looking for educational and fun history podcasts that your entire family will love?

Do you want to learn more about historical events while driving around town or traveling with your kids?

Whether you are a history buff or not, you’ll discover podcasts about history for everyone in your family!

  • Preschoolers
  • Elementary-Aged Kids
  • Middle-Schoolers
  • High School Teens
  • Young Adults
  • Adults

Whether you’re looking for a new podcast for your elementary-aged student or your high school teen, you’ve come to the right place. We update our history podcast playlist weekly with recent episodes that history buffs and history amateurs will love.

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Advanced Search Engine for Fun History Podcasts to Use in Your Homeschool History Class!

HomeSchool ThinkTank offers an advanced search engine to help you find the historic event or person you are looking for. Not only will our search engine bring up the perfect episode, but it will bring you right to the moment you are looking for. Here are some of the features of our advanced podcast search engine.

  • Search for historical events easily.
  • Find information about historical figures quickly.
  • See podcast transcriptions.
  • Find information in individual podcast episodes with ease.
  • Search more than 1000 hours of podcast episodes quickly and easily.

Our advanced podcast search engine makes it simple to integrate educational history podcast episodes that are about the right subject matter into your homeschool history class.

Listen to This Podcast Episode About Our Curated Collection of History Podcasts

This podcast episode has been marked to start at the spot that is most helpful for you to understand more about our curated collection of history podcasts.

Search Historical Words & Phrases

Find specific historical world events and figures quickly and easily.

Do you need ideas to start searching for the best history podcast episodes? Here are some words or phrases you can search for in our curated collection of history podcasts.

  • World War
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Witch hunts
  • Revisionist History
  • Current Events
  • Military History
  • Middle Ages
  • Fall of Rome
  • Early Pioneers
  • American Revolution
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Watergate Scandal
  • History of the Roman Empire
  • British History
  • Native Americans
  • Black Death
  • Slavery
  • Civil War
  • Indigenous People
  • President Richard Nixon
  • French Revolution
  • Black History
  • Winston Churchill
  • Great Depression
  • Cold War

Are you looking for something else? With more than 1000 hours and 1900 individual podcast episodes, you’ll likely find a great podcast for your family!

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History Curriculum for Homeschoolers: Books, Programs, Supplements, and Games

Click a link below to discover homeschool history curriculum for your kids! The bolded titles are linked to the publisher. If the title is available on Amazon, that link has also been provided.

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