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Homeschooling your kids can feel overwhelming and challenging, but it can be simplified.

In my free course, Homeschool Your Kids with Confidence, I teach you how to homeschool your kids confidently.

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Homeschooling Your Kids Doesn’t Need to Be Hard.

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Homeschool Your Kids with Confidence

Video 1: Make Homeschooling Fun!

If your kids are crying over schoolwork, you’re doing it wrong. In this video, you’ll learn how to make homeschooling fun so you and your kids want to homeschool for years to come!

Video 2: Focus on Connection

To homeschool successfully, you must prioritize your connection with your kids. Learn about a common mistake homeschooling parents make and what to do about it.

Video 3: How Homeschoolers Make Friends

Have you wondered how to meet other homeschoolers where you live? In this session, you’ll get ideas to help you and your kids make friends with other homeschooling families.

Video 4: Education Matters

Do you feel stressed about educating your child? Let’s talk about the purpose of education and how to approach homeschooling your kids.

Video 5: Prevent Homeschool Parent Burnout

Have you been guilty of putting your needs aside because you’re taking care of everyone else? Let’s discuss the importance of prioritizing yourself so you don’t burn out!

Homeschool Your Kids with Confidence

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Bonus #1: Free Homeschool Consultation

When you sign up for this free course, you can also sign up for a 1-on-1 homeschool consultation. Bring your questions and get the homeschooling guidance you need.

Bonus #2: Know Your Why

Whether you’ve been homeschooling your kids for years or you’re just starting, you need to watch this video. There are two main reasons that parents homeschool their kids. Understanding this concept can make a tremendous difference as you homeschool your kids.

Bonus #3: Free LIVE Online Homeschool Meetup

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I Help You Homeschool Your Kids: Homeschool Coaching with Jackie

Hello! I’m Jackie…

Hey there, if you haven’t started listening to the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast yet, you’re probably wondering who I am. While I’m the founder of HomeSchool ThinkTank, an author and podcast host, I wear many other hats, too.

To begin with, I’m a homeschool consultant, certified life coach, licensed physical education teacher, and a longtime homeschooling mom.

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or you’ve been homeschooling for years, I can help you. As a homeschool consultant, I help you with the how-to’s of homeschooling. As a certified life coach, I help homeschool parents with the day-in and day-out of homeschooling their kids.

I’ve combined a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and education to help parents succeed at homeschooling their kids.

Sign up for this free course and you can also sign up for a 1-on-1 homeschool consultation with me.

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When you sign up for the free course, you can schedule a 1-on-1 homeschool consultation.

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It’s a dynamic, powerful, and life-changing course.

You can homeschool your kids with confidence.

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Sign up for the free course and get the homeschool guidance you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Ask Questions? Yes! You can ask questions during your 1-on-1 homeschool consultation or our online homeschool meetup.
  • Who Is This Free Course For? The free course is for parents who are interested in homeschooling their kids. Whether you are considering homeschooling, are new to homeschooling, or have homeschooled your kids for years, this course will help you.
  • How Will This Class Help Me? You will learn the five most important concepts to succeed at homeschooling your kids. Understanding the concepts taught in this course will prepare you to homeschool your kids confidently.

Online Homeschool Meetup

When you sign up for the free course, you’ll receive an invitation to our next online homeschool meetup.

During our meetup, you can ask questions about homeschooling and get the guidance you need.

Our free homeschool parent meetups are for you!

This Workshop Is Ideal For…

  • Parents who are just getting started with homeschooling.
  • Moms and dads who are thinking about homeschooling their kids.
  • Parents who have been homeschooling their children for years.
  • Homeschool grandparents.
  • People with kids from birth through high school.
  • Parents of one child to parents with a van full of kids!
  • Any parent who wants to homeschool their children successfully.

Get the free course.

p.s. This program is NOT for everyone. If you aren’t interested in learning, growing, parenting, and homeschooling, this isn’t the place for you. It’s only for parents and grandparents who want to nurture themselves and the children in their lives.

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