How to Start Homeschooling

This step-by-step homeschooling guide will show you how to start homeschooling your kids in the 2023-2024 school year. When you have questions and want to talk to a human, sign up for a homeschool consultation.

Your Homeschooling “How To” Guide

In this article, you’ll discover the following.

  1. Video about how to homeschool your kids.
  2. Information to help you learn about homeschooling laws.
  3. Common requirements to homeschool your kids.
  4. Resources for curriculum.
  5. How to find a homeschool group near you.
  6. Information about different approaches to homeschooling.
  7. FAQ’s about homeschooling.

Whether your child is starting kindergarten or high school, the steps to begin homeschooling are similar. So, if you want to know how to homeschool, read on!

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How to Homeschool Your Kids in the 2023-2024 School Year

At HomeSchool ThinkTank, we’re not lawyers, and this information should not be construed as legal advice. However, the information in this article will help you start homeschooling your kids.

If you have made the decision to homeschool your kids, you need to understand the laws where you live. Please note that laws vary widely from state to state and worldwide.

Three Steps to Learn About Homeschool Laws

  1. Visit your state or country’s local homeschooling organization website.
  2. Go to the Public Education Department website for your state or country.
  3. Talk with other homeschoolers where you live.

Learn more about homeschool requirements.

State Homeschool Requirements and Laws

The Department of Education vs Homeschooling Organizations

While visiting your Department of Education website is important; we also recommend contacting your State’s Homeschooling Organization. In addition, we suggest visiting local homeschooling families before taking action to homeschool your kids.

The reason you need to visit with local homeschooling organizations and parents is because your department of education and homeschooling organizations have different agendas.

Your Department of Education and Homeschooling Organizations

  • The Department of Education has an agenda to enroll children in their system. When your children are enrolled in a local school, the school district receives monetary compensation. In addition, a government socializes and indoctrinates people through the public education system.
  • Homeschooling Organizations exist to support, educate, and encourage parents as they raise and educate their children from home.

It’s important to know that some states offer publically funded “homeschool programs.” Please note that these programs are not homeschooling. There is a significant difference between “true homeschooling” and publically funded “homeschooling programs.

Click here to understand the differences between online public education and true homeschooling.

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Homeschooling vs Public School

While homeschooling organizations will likely encourage you to homeschool your kids, your local school district will likely discourage you from homeschooling your kids. In addition, it is not uncommon for parents to receive inaccurate information from their local school district. For example, you may be told that you “must” do certain things to homeschool your kids. For the greater good of the homeschooling community, it is important only to provide your school district and state what is legally required where you live.

While we believe homeschooling is an excellent option for many families, at HomeSchool ThinkTank, we don’t think it’s the best choice for every family. That said, if you are undecided about homeschooling or need help getting started with homeschooling, you can sign up for a free homeschool consultation.

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Common Homeschooling Requirements to Consider

These are common requirements for homeschooling. However, the requirements vary based on where you reside.

  • Register to homeschool where you live.
  • Record-keeping requirements.
  • Individualized home instruction plan.
  • Immunization records.
  • Reporting procedures.
  • A minimum number of days of school.
  • Number of hours per school day.
  • Specific subjects studied.
  • Mandated testing.
  • Compulsory school age.
  • Parent GED or high school diploma.
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Search Online for Local Homeschool Support Groups

To find a homeschool group near you, search social media platforms like Facebook and search engines like Google.

Type your state, town, county, or country plus one of the following terms.

  • Homeschool
  • Homeschooling
  • Home school
  • Home schooling
  • Home Education
  • Alternative Education
  • Homeschool Groups
How Homeschoolers Make Friends

How to Find Homeschool Groups Near You

In addition to online searches for homeschooling organizations, here are a few ideas to help you find homeschool groups where you live.

  • Library
  • Local school district
  • Museum
  • Parks and recreation
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Scouting organizations
  • 4H County Extension Office
  • Studios where children’s activities take place (i.e., gymnastics, art, karate)

Start Homeschooling Video

Sign Up for Your Free Homeschool Consultation

Do you feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information about homeschooling? If you do, you are not alone.

When you sign up for a homeschool consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about homeschooling and get the guidance you need.

Sign up for your free homeschool consultation today.

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Join parents from around the world to learn more about homeschooling. Each week, I share the information and inspiration you need to homeschool your kids successfully.

You can listen nearly anywhere that podcasts are played.

Styles of Homeschooling

When parents start homeschooling their kids, it is common to model the public education system and do “school-at-home.” However, it’s important to understand that there are many approaches to educating your kids.

We recommend learning about different styles of homeschooling before purchasing homeschool curriculum.

For more information about different approaches to homeschooling, see this article.

Homeschool Curriculum for Your Family

Curriculum for Homeschooling. Homeschool Curriculum. HomeSchool ThinkTank.com

Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling

While the law and requirements vary from state to state and country to country, below we’ve answered common questions parents have when they begin homeschooling their kids.

Learn more about homeschool laws and requirements here.

What Subjects are Required for Homeschooled Students?

While requirements vary depending on where you live, these are commonly required subjects.

  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Learn more about homeschool curriculum here.

Who Can Homeschool My Child?

  • Generally speaking, a parent possessing a high school diploma or equivalent may homeschool their child. However, laws differ depending on where you live.

When Does My Child Have to Start School?

  • It is common for children to start school when they are five years old. However, compulsory school age varies depending on where you live.

How Do I Register for Homeschooling?

  • The law in every state and country is different. You may or may not have to notify your local government that you intend to homeschool your child.

How Many Days a Year Do I Have to Homeschool My Child?

  • A common number is 180 days. However, the answer to this question varies, so check your local compulsory school attendance law.

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Helpful Information About Homeschooling & Education

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