You want to know why to homeschool your kids. While understanding the pros and cons of homeschooling is important, it’s vital to understand why YOU want to homeschool your kids.

Your why to homeschool significantly impacts your approach to homeschooling. In addition, it can affect your ability to succeed at homeschooling your kids. Be sure to watch the video near the bottom of this page. Let us know why you homeschool in the comments at the end of this post!

When considering why to homeschool your kids, there are two types of answers.

  1. You’re homeschooling to avoid something.
  2. You are homeschooling with a purpose.

If you’re homeschooling to avoid something, you might be trying to keep your kids away from bullying, or perhaps you’re scared that a shooting could happen at your child’s school. On the other hand, when homeschooling with a purpose, you might want a flexible schedule or want your children to have more educational options.

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What’s YOUR Why to Homeschool?

You likely have several reasons to homeschool, but what’s your overarching reason for why to homeschool your kids?

Do you focus on what you are avoiding or on your purpose to homeschool your kids?

If you homeschool to avoid something, you likely don’t want your kids exposed to the school setting. If you are homeschooling with purpose, then you are going toward something.

When you have a purpose, you have a reason to homeschool. If you want to homeschool successfully, you need compelling reasons to homeschool your children.

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Are You Homeschooling to Avoid Something?

Do any of these examples ring a bell for you?

  • Are your children receiving the education you think they need?
  • Is your child being bullied? 
  • Do you disagree with what is being taught in schools?
  • Are you concerned about violence in schools?
  • Do you want your kids testing, and testing, and testing some more? 

As a parent, you have valid concerns about the school system and environment. Take a moment to list the reasons you don’t want your kids in school.

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Are You Homeschooling With Purpose?

When homeschooling with a purpose, you’ll likely relate to these thoughts.

You want…

  • A better education for your children.
  • To spend more time with your kids.
  • The opportunity to share your values with your children.
  • A flexible schedule for your family.
  • Opportunities that can only be had when you homeschool your kids.
  • Your kids to have more time to pursue and develop their interests.

If this sounds like you, you are excited about homeschooling your kids. What compelling reasons do you have to homeschool your kids?

Video: Why to Homeschool Your Kids

Homeschooling with Purpose vs Avoidance

If you’re like many parents, you have several reasons you don’t want your kids in school. You are avoiding the school system, and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, it’s vital that you have reasons that draw you toward homeschooling.

Like anything in life, homeschooling has pros and cons. To homeschool your children successfully, you need compelling reasons that fuel your soul. Without compelling reasons and a strong why to homeschool, you will likely fail at homeschooling your kids.

Having a greater purpose to homeschool your children is essential to homeschooling your kids for years to come. Your purpose, or your why, is what will help you succeed in homeschooling your children.

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