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How do homeschoolers make friends? Do you need some ideas to help your young children, homeschooled kids, and teens make new friends while homeschooling? If you want to know how to make friends as a homeschooler, this article is for you.

While this article is geared toward homeschooling families, you’ll find many ideas about how to make new friends that are helpful to all people, including kids, teens, and adults.

There are plenty of homeschoolers around. Before the COVID19 Pandemic, there were more than 2 million homeschooled kids across the United States alone. So if you’re looking to make new friends who homeschool, plenty of other homeschoolers probably live near you.

Let’s put your mind at ease and show you how homeschooled kids make friends and how to find social activities for homeschoolers.

And if you have more ideas to help homeschoolers make friends, be sure to leave a comment near the end of this article!

How to Make Friends Video & Podcast Episode

We suggest reading this article and watching the video below. 

In our podcast episode and video, you’ll discover more about how homeschoolers make friends.

Near the bottom of this page, you’ll also discover more videos about how to make friends.

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How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends?

If you’re considering homeschooling your kids, you might be concerned about socialization. In most places, there are many homeschoolers and numerous homeschooling groups. The hardest part is finding these groups, but once you figure out how to find other homeschoolers, you are well on your way to helping your kids make homeschooled friends.

Below, we will go more in-depth about these ideas for making friends, but here’s a quick list to start with.

  • Sports
  • Library
  • Museums
  • Public, Private, & Charter School Programs
  • Homeschool Programs
  • Youth Programs
  • Homeschool Conventions
  • Community Centers
  • Churches
  • Outdoor Programs
  • Nature Centers
  • Parks
  • Studio Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Volunteering
  • Parents
  • Social media (like Facebook)
  • Search engines (like Google)

Video: How to Make Friends as a Homeschooler

Making Friends Through Sports

Homeschooled kids play sports too. Here’s how you can get your kids involved.

  • Homeschool sports programs.
  • Your parks & recreation department.
  • Local & national youth organizations like Boys & Girls Club, Little League, etc.  
  • Community centers & churches.
  • Public & private schools. 

If you’re concerned about it, your homeschooled kids may still be able to partake in public school sports. Find out if homeschooled kids can play public school sports where you live by asking your local school district.

If homeschool sports haven’t been promoted in your area, consider collaborating with others to start a new program.

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Ways Homeschoolers Make Friends: The Library

One way to meet other homeschoolers near you is by visiting your local library. When you’re there, do the following.

  • Look for homeschool group information on community bulletin boards.
  • Ask your librarian if they know of any homeschooling groups or other homeschoolers they could connect you with.
  • If you see parents with school-age children, ask if they homeschool. This approach works better when most kids are in school during the traditional school year.

Many libraries offer programs during the day targeted to homeschool families.  In addition, by frequenting the library, you may meet other homeschooling families. 

Make Homeschooled Friends at the Library

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Museum Activities for Homeschooled Kids

Many museums, especially children’s museums, offer homeschool activities.  They offer everything from art activities to science experiments.  Kids can learn to paint like Picasso or learn how electricity works through activities offered at museums. 

Remember to take note of small groups with school-age children accompanied by their parents during school hours. There’s a good chance they are homeschoolers.  If you initiate a conversation, you might start a new friendship at the museum.

Remember to ask your museum staff if they have contact information for any homeschool groups.

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Home School, Public School, Charter School, or Private School

There are two ways to help your kids make friends through school.

  1. Ask the school receptionist if they have lists of homeschooling groups in your area.
  2. See if the school offers in-person programs for homeschooled kids.

We’re fortunate to live in a time & place where we have choices.  Oftentimes, you can combine homeschooling with other educational options. Love it or hate it…many schools offer shared school or family school programs.  

If you want to combine other educational options with homeschooling, we suggest visiting your local homeschooling organization before checking with your school district. You’ll want to understand how your choices impact your family where you live. In addition, it’s important to understand how your choices impact the greater homeschooling community.

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Do You or Your Child Have Social Anxiety?

Below are ideas to help anyone make new friends.

  1. Smile at others.
  2. Make eye contact with others.
  3. Talk less and be curious.
  4. Ask open-ended questions rather than “Yes” or “No” questions.
  5. When you talk about yourself, offer something interesting that the other person might relate to.

When you meet new people, being friendly goes a long way. If you’re nervous, smiling and making eye contact might not feel natural. However, these simple things let others know that you’re open to conversation. When you’re getting to know someone, be curious and ask open-ended questions.

Further down this page, you’ll discover more helpful videos about making friends.

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Help Your Kids & Teens Make Friends with Youth Programs

Homeschooled students participate in youth programs like any other kid.  Friendships and skills can be built around any activity. 

Sports leagues, scouting organizations, & drama groups are all programs and activities in which homeschooled kids participate. 

Involve your child in various activities until they find something they want to pursue at a deeper level. 

Learning Outdoors: Making Homeschooled Friends through Outdoor Youth Prgorams.

Outdoor Programs, Nature Centers, & Parks

Check with nature centers, outdoor programs, and your public parks department to learn about homeschool activities.

Some homeschool groups in your area may meet around activities like walking, bicycling, or park days. 

If you don’t find something interesting, consider starting a homeschool group.  Certainly, there are others who would like to join you!

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Homeschool Programs & Classes Near You

Frequently, local homeschool programs don’t have a website and aren’t easy to find. That’s why we shared many other ideas to help you find homeschoolers who live near you. However, we also recommend doing an online search by typing in your town and the word homeschool.

Some homeschool groups form classes like geography, STEM, languages, choir, and art.  Homeschooled children often meet once or twice weekly and take classes together for years.  Deep and lasting friendships can be the result of these types of classes.

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Studio Classes

Call your local studios and inquire about homeschool classes. Try contacting the following types of studios.

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial Arts
  • Music
  • Technology

Many studios sit empty through school hours. As a result, studio owners may be happy to utilize their space and offer classes to homeschooled students. If you would like a studio or local business to offer a class for homeschoolers, ask if they might create a class. 

Check Local Studios for Homeschool Classes

Recreation Centers

Have you checked with your recreation center to see what activities they offer?  Most rec centers offer general classes and they might also offer classes created for homeschooled kids.

Recreation centers offer activities like basketball, bicycling, rock climbing, and swimming lessons.

Do you want to help organize a class for homeschoolers? Get guidance through HomeSchool ThinkTank’s Consulting Services.

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Community Centers

Community centers can be very helpful and accommodating to homeschool families.  Sometimes, they allow homeschoolers to use their space for free, for a minimal cost, or an exchange of service.  A homeschool group likely meets at a community center or church near you.  

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Children Explain How to Make Friends

In this video, you’ll hear kids’ tips about making friends. If your child struggles to make friends, watch this video with your child and discuss it together.

  1. Say, “Hello.”
  2. Smile.
  3. Be polite.
  4. Listen.
  5. Be kind.
  6. Take turns.
  7. Joining in.
  8. Share.

Volunteer & Make Friends Too!

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet others.  Whether your child volunteers as an individual or you volunteer as a family, the act of giving is an enriching experience. 

You can teach your child to give individually, with family and friends, or through an organization.  You can create new and meaningful friendships regardless of how you approach volunteering.

Make New Friends While Volunteering!  HomeSchool ThinkTank

How are Homeschoolers Socialized?

How do homeschooled kids make friends?

They make friends like everyone else – by doing things. Getting together with others over shared hobbies and activities is the easiest way to make friends.

Homeschoolers can get involved both locally and online to connect with various groups, activities, and events in their community.

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Parents: Making Friends as An Adult

When you have friends who are also parents, then your children can become friends with your friend’s kids.

In the TEDx video below, John DiJulius explains a simple method to help adults learn how to make friends. He uses the acronym F.O.R.D. to help you remember this idea. When trying to get to know someone better, ask them about the following topics.

  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Dreams

Near the end of the video, John DiJulius “invites you to build more meaningful relationships by focusing on other people’s F.O.R.D. and finding ways to give more in all your relationships.”

John DiJulius: Meet as Strangers Leave as Friends

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