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While homeschooling isn’t always easy, and there are certainly challenging days, there’s a reason you keep homeschooling your kids. Sometimes you just need to feel like you aren’t alone and tap into the wisdom of other homeschooling moms.

In this article, you’ll find podcast episodes, videos, and quotes that will feed your soul and uplift you. Enjoy!

Meet a Homeschool Mom Who Was a Homeschooled Student

Alyssa Wolff is a homeschool mom who was previously a homeschooled student. In the video below, she signed up for a life coaching session. Watch this video to see how we help parents through life coaching.

You can listen to a different podcast episode with Alyssa here.

Life Coaching Session for Homeschool Mom: Alyssa Wolff

A Homeschooling Mom Who Was Home Educated From Birth Through High School

In this podcast episode & video introduction, you’ll meet Alison Schlagel. Ali was homeschooled from birth through high school and says she wouldn’t trade her homeschooling years for anything.

Now, she and her husband, who was also homeschooled, plan to homeschool their 15-month-old daughter.

In this episode, Ali shares her experiences with homeschool curricula, some of the pros and cons of homeschooling, her homeschool routine, and other memories of homeschooling.

Here’s a list of the resources Alison mentioned in our interview.

Video Introduction with Homeschool Mom: Alison Schlagel

Snippets From Our Interview with Alison Schlagel

While Alison’s daughter was only 15 months old at the time of our interview, Ali already considers herself to be a homeschool mom. Alison recognizes that education doesn’t just happen in schools or when a child is of compulsory school age. Education is happening all of the time.

While Ali’s daughter isn’t school-age, she is always learning. That’s why Alison is already laying the foundation for a solid education. As a result, Ali looks for opportunities to teach her daughter simple concepts like identifying letters and numbers.

Reading to her daughter, playing with her, and loving her, are exactly what a 15-month-old toddler needs.

Listen to the Full Podcast Episode with Alison Schlagel Here!

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Alison’s Homeschool Experience

In many ways, Alison was self-taught. She did a lot of school work independently and, as a result, is very independent. While Ali sees the benefit of being independent, Ali also believes she could have benefited from more one-on-one time. In addition, Alison also believes it’s important for parents to have conversations with their kids to help them retain the information they are learning.

As Alison steps into homeschooling her own child, she plans to have a more active role in homeschooling her daughter. However, Ali also recognizes that as she and her husband have more children, she will need to learn how to balance her time between instruction and managing a homeschooling household.

Ultimately, Alison wants her kids to seek out knowledge for themselves and have the ability to learn on their own.

Alison’s Homeschool Schedule

When asked what her school schedule looked like, Ali said she got up around seven in the morning. After having breakfast, doing chores, and having family faith time, she and her siblings completed their schoolwork.

Ali’s family didn’t try to fit subjects into specific time slots because the time needed to complete a lesson didn’t necessarily match a specific amount of time. Instead, they had a rhythm to their day, and the kids were expected to complete certain lessons by the end of the day.

According to Alison, one of the beauties of homeschooling is its flexibility because each kid learns a little bit differently, and each family has its own style.

Listen to our interview with Alison Schlagel here!

Benefits of Homeschooling Flexibility Video Blog

Another Benefit of Homeschooling

When asked about the benefits of homeschooling, here is what Alison had to say.

“I think one of the greatest advantages is that you build a stronger family. You’re not split up during the day, most of the day you’re together. And yeah, I was in my room, and my sister was upstairs, and another one was at the kitchen table. But we were all together at mealtimes. We all had to do our chores together. We did our daily Bible reading together. And it builds a stronger family culture – I would think – because you’re interacting more, you get to know each other better, just by the virtue of – you’ve got time to spend together.”

Alison Schlagel

During our interview, Alison also shared, “You need to be willing to change something if it’s not working, but also find the things you like and stick with them.” This, too, could be construed as another benefit to homeschooling your kids. As a homeschooling parent, you have the ability to be adaptable.

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Alison’s Moms…

When Alison was in third grade, her mom was very ill. Alison’s mom passed away when Ali was only ten years old.

Throughout this timeframe, Alison and her four siblings continued to homeschool. The family’s pastor’s wife stepped in and helped with the children’s education.

Later, Alison’s father remarried. Alison’s (step) mom brought much-needed structure to the family’s home. Ali says, “I am eternally grateful for her being willing to come in and take on five kids that weren’t hers and be a mom.”

Positive Parenting Blog, Video, Podcast at www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

Parenting: Strive to Live Your Best Life

As we continued our conversation, Alison stated the following.

“Our kids are always watching. There’s a proverb: ‘Little pitchers have big ears.’ Our children are listening to us, they are watching us, and what they see seems to have even more of an impact than what we say.

As parents, I think that what we should strive to do is live the life we want our children to live, and that’s not easy. We’re humans, we make mistakes. But if we are not striving to live our best life, then our children will also not strive to live their best life.

And by homeschooling, by being together as a family, we get so much more of an opportunity to show them, to show our kids, who we want for them to be and that is probably the biggest and most important reason for me to homeschool.”

Alison Schlagel
HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast. Homeschooling and Coaching with Jackie

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Meet Homeschool Mom: Carrie Strong

Carrie Strong never thought she would never homeschool her kids, but now she homeschools all of her kids. In addition, Carrie also wrote a book to encourage other moms to homeschool their kids too! Watch this HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast interview to learn how you can homeschool too!

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