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If you’re interested in books about homeschooling, education, parenting, kids, money, leadership, self-development, or mindset, you’re in the right place. While you probably understand why we’re talking about the first few subjects, you might be wondering why we share books about mindset.

At HomeSchool ThinkTank, we believe that your mindset as a parent is one of the most important parts of parenting, teaching, educating, and homeschooling your children.

While the books we share on this page are primarily geared toward parents and educators, near the bottom of the page, we’ve shared some resources to help you find some of the best books for children and teens.

How Our Book Categories are Organized

For your ease, we’ve created various book categories. Please note that many books could easily be categorized into multiple ways. For the most part, each book is only listed once and under one category.

Discover children’s book lists near the bottom of this page!

Table of Contents: Book Categories

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At HomeSchool ThinkTank, we realize that while education and parenting resources are the first things parents look for on a homeschooling website, other aspects like leadership and finances can make a tremendous difference in the lives of homeschooling families. That’s why we’re sharing a variety of resources that may interest you.

How to Homeschool Your Kids: Step by Step Guide to Homeschooling Your Children. Blog, Podcast, Video at www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

The HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast

Each week, we help you homeschool your kids by sharing two podcast episodes on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast.

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Books About Homeschooling, Education, and Learning: A Broad Perspective

This list of books is an excellent resource full of homeschool books!

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THINK HOMESCHOOL: Live & Learn Your Way. Front Cover. Read the book or Listen to the Audiobook at HomeSchool ThinkTank

More Books About Homeschooling, Education, and Learning: A Broad Perspective

Discover some of the best homeschooling books for your homeschool journey!

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Video: You Can Homeschool!

Buy Carrie’s Strong’s book on Amazon.

Continued: More Books About Homeschooling, Education, and Learning: A Broad Perspective

Start your homeschooling journey with a book about homeschooling!

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Curriculum for Homeschooling. Homeschool Curriculum. HomeSchool ThinkTank.com

More Books About Homeschooling, Education, and Learning: A Broad Perspective

Learn how to homeschool your own children!

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More books about education and parenting are below…

Image of a truck pulling a travel trailer. The title says, "Roadschooling 101." HomeSchool ThinkTank logo. www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com.

Books About Traveling with Your Family

If you’ve ever thought about traveling with your kids full-time or even part-time, you’ll want to see our articles about roadschooling and worldschooling. They are full of helpful information.

You’ll find books about traveling near the bottom of each article.

Books about the educational system are below…

Stop Doing School-at-Home. Learn How to Homeschool Effectively.

Books About the Educational System, Schools, and How to Help Children

Books about educational alternatives are below…

Read Dumbing Us Down

The late John Taylor Gatto taught for more than 30 years and was once New York State Teacher of the Year. The lessons he shares in his book, Dumbing us Down, are eye-opening.

Image of original book cover for Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto. A must read for every parent. Available as ebook, paperback, audiobook. Book summary by HomeSchool ThinkTank.

Books About Education Alternatives

Clearly, all of the books in the “Books About Homeschooling” section could belong in this category as well.

Books to help you guide your child’s education are below…

Young Reader with Margert Craig

Books to Help You Guide Your Child’s Education

Books to Inspire Homeschooling Parents

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Discover planners, parenting books, and more below…

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Planners & Calendars

The following planners and calendars are some of our favorites on Amazon. Note that some planners come in various sizes and patterns.

Parenting and lifestyle books are below…

Prioritizing Your Time: Blog, Podcast, Vide

Parenting Books

Whether you have a challenging child or an easier child, these books will help you improve your parenting skills.

Positive Parenting Blog, Video, Podcast at www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

Parent Your Children Better

Parenting is the cornerstone of homeschooling your kids!

More parenting books are below…

I support you while you homeschool your kids. Coaching with Jackie. Join THRIVE

More Parenting Books

Books about relationships, mindset, and how the brain works are below…

Do you need support while you homeschool your kids? Join THRIVE at HomeSchool ThinkTank. Learn more...

Relationship Books

Books about mindset and the human brain are below…

Connection Before Curriculum: Connecting with Your Kids Blog Article Podcast Video

Mindset Books & Self Improvement

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Books about the brain and self-development are below…

I Help Parents See Their Own Mind So They Can Homeschool Their Kids Successfully. Coaching with Jackie.

More Books About Mindset & Self Improvement

What Is Unschooling? Homeschooling 101. Blog & Video

Books About Your Brain

While these books could fall under the mindset category, the books in this section have more detail about how your brain works.

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Minimalist Homeschool Family. Video, Blog, Podcast.

Lifestyle Books: Essentialism, Minimalism, Organization

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Discover 4 common mistakes homeschooling parents make. The image has a picture of the HomeSchool ThinkTank Logo and says, "Learn More." Image of child lying on stomach in front of books looking at computer.

Leadership & Self-Development Books

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A Workshop for Parents: Homeschool Your Kids with Confidence by HomeSchool ThinkTank

Financial Books & Money

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Start Homeschooliing Your Kids.
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