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Do you need a curriculum for homeschooling your kids?

Whether you are looking for an online homeschool curriculum or traditional homeschooling textbooks and workbooks, there’s something for everyone.

Check out the links at the bottom of this page to learn about non-curriculum-based approaches to homeschooling, manipulatives, and educational games.

Homeschool Curriculum Subject Areas

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Curriculum-Based Method of Homeschooling

When parents start homeschooling their children, they often use a curriculum-based, teacher-driven approach.

Using curriculum can be a great way to help your child learn about nearly anything. However, it’s important to note that the purpose of homeschool curriculum is to help your child learn a skill (like handwriting) or understand concepts (like science.) On the other hand, the purpose of homeschooling is not to hyper-focus on curricula.

Homeschooling curriculum should be used as a guide to help your child progress with his or her education. The curriculum is not the be-all and end-all of your child’s homeschool education. There are many different ways for your child to learn, and some approaches to homeschooling are not curriculum-based.

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What Is Curriculum?

Curriculum is a series of lessons designed to help a person learn specific information. A curriculum is often singularly focused on subjects like math, history, or reading.

It’s important to recognize that no curriculum was created specifically for your child. As a result, there probably isn’t a curriculum that is perfect for your child. However, there are some excellent homeschool curriculum options available.

As a homeschooling parent, it’s important to be adaptable. When your child is struggling or isn’t challenged enough with his or her homeschool curriculum, be flexible so you can help your child progress on his or her educational journey. For example, you can skip some parts of the homeschool curriculum or supplement it with other games, books, and videos.

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Circular vs Linear Learning

Curriculum is generally laid out in a circular or linear pattern. When lessons are taught in a linear pattern, the student learns steps 1 to 10 in a very straightforward path. However, when students learn in a circular motion, they constantly review previous steps and make additional connections as they progress to step 10.

Linear Pattern of Learning

A linear pattern is basically a straight line. In education, a linear pattern is a straightforward path to learning specific information. For example, your child might learn history from ancient times to modern times. Math is often taught in a linear order. As your child learns to read, he or she will progress from easy books to difficult books.

Podcast Episode: How to Use Homeschool Curriculum

Circular Learning

The human brain doesn’t always prefer to learn in a linear pattern. Oftentimes, people learn better in a more circular way. Here’s an example of circular learning.

Your child reads one of Rick Riordan’s books from the 39 Clues series and becomes interested in Russian history. This spurs an interest in the Romanov family that trickles into other subject areas. The child then starts drawing portraits of Anastasia Romanov, reading and talking about the Romanov family, and doing additional research about historical events of that era.

Learning in a circular pattern where subject areas intertwine is often more interesting. This way of learning is generally self-driven, much more natural, and leads to deeper learning.

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Individual Life Coaching & Homeschool Coaching for Homeschool Parents

Language Arts Curriculum for Homeschooled Students

Below are some of the best options for grammar and composition.

Homeschool Math Curriculum

Discover more information about the following.

Homeschool Math Curriculum: Mastery vs Spiral Based Math Programs

Homeschool Curriculum for Handwriting

We’ve done the research for you and compiled information that you will find helpful as you choose handwriting curriculum. While many states no longer require cursive to be taught in schools, at HomeSchool ThinkTank, we believe it’s an important skill for all people to learn.

In this article about handwriting, you’ll discover helpful videos, information, and a podcast episode too!

Does handwriting still matter? Handwriting for Kids. Blog. Podcast. Video. www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

Homeschool Science Curriculum, Programs, & Books

Backpack Sciences Curriculum and Membership for Homeschoolers. Homeschool Sciences. Great for groups. Family friendly science. www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

If you’re looking for spelling curriculum, tips, and activities, then you’ll definitely want to check out this article about spelling curriculum for homeschooled kids. We’ve included spelling review videos, helpful information, and curriculum.

Get more information about homeschool spelling curriculum.

Homeschool spelling curriculum. Blog, podcast, video. HomeSchool ThinkTank.

History Curriculum for Homeschoolers: Books, Programs, Supplements, and Games

Learn more about homeschool history curriculum here.

This article also includes information about our curated collection of history podcasts that your family will love.

History Podcasts and Homeschool Curriculum for Your Family at HomeSchool ThinkTank.com Picture of Egyptian hieroglyphics in background.

Geography Curriculum & Games

How to Homeschool Your Kids: Step by Step Guide to Homeschooling Your Children. Blog, Podcast, Video at www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

Reading Resources for Homeschoolers

Young Reader with Margert Craig

Unit Studies Homeschool Curriculum

Discover More Ways to Homeschool Your Kids!

Homeschooling Types Styles Methods

More Articles and Information that You Might Find Helpful

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