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For ease of use, the online quizzes below are categorized by subject area.

More fun online quizzes are forthcoming, so check back in! At this time, most of the quizzes come from Seterra & Jetpunk. We’ll be adding more quizzes from other sites and about other subjects, so bookmark this page for future reference!


How’s your geography? Can you imagine a map and know where various countries around the world are located?

Brush up on your geography by taking some of the quizzes below.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can improve your geographical knowledge by quizzing yourself on a regular basis.

List of the Best Geography Websites with Quizzes

Click here to see more geography quizzes that are divided by region.

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Take a history quiz, then read an article, watch a video, or listen to a podcast episode to learn more about any question that you missed.

Click here to search HomeSchool ThinkTank’s curated collection of history podcast episodes. You’ll discover podcast episodes for kids, teens, and adults.

List of the Best History Websites with Quizzes

You can find more history quizzes here.

    List of the Best Math Websites with Quizzes & Online Games

    Test your math skills with these quizzes.

    Click here to see a variety of math quizzes.

    Visit this article to learn about fun math games you can play at home!

    Fun Math Games For Homeschooled Kids - Really For All Kids... Blog, Video, Podcast

    Science Quizzes

    Learn more about science with these awesome quizzes!



    Backpack Sciences Curriculum and Membership for Homeschoolers. Homeschool Sciences. Great for groups. Family friendly science. www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

    Typing & Keyboarding Quizzes

    Vocabulary Tests, Quizzes, and Games

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    Geography Quizzes Continued

    Below you’ll discover more geography quizzes for you to enjoy.

    Continents (Geography)

    How many continents are there? Where are the world’s oceans located?

    Take a quiz and see what you know.

    Countries (Geography)

    How many countries can you name? Which countries have the most people? Do you know what each country’s flag looks like?

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    Map Quizzes (Geography)

    Start taking map quizzes from various areas of the world. See how many you can master!

    HomeSchool ThinkTank Around The World

    Capitals (Geography)

    How many capitals do you know?

    Africa (Geography)

    Asia (Geography)

    How much do you know about Asia? Do you know the Asian countries and capitals? Where are the biggest cities? What is the primary language spoken in each country? Test your knowledge with an online educational quiz!

    Curriculum for Homeschooling. Homeschool Curriculum. HomeSchool ThinkTank.com

    Europe (Geography)

    Flags, capitals, and countries! Test your knowledge about Europe with another quiz!

    Middle East (Geography)

    Do you know your countries & capitals in the Middle East? Take a quiz to find out!

    North America (Geography)

    Discover what you know about North America. Certainly, there’s more to learn. After you take a quiz, brush up on what you missed and take the quiz again!

    Canada (Geography)

    USA State Flags

    State Flags for the United States of America

    United States Quizzes (Geography)

    Oceania (Geography)

    South America (Geography)

    History Quizzes (Continued)

    Homeschool Math Manipulatives and Math Skills

    Math Quizzes (Continued)

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