Backpack Sciences Curriculum is Science Simplified.

Know WHAT to do and HOW to teach hands-on, experiential science in 1/2 the time.

If you’re looking for science curriculum that’s fun for your kids, then you’ve come to the right place.

Do You Need Help Teaching Science to Your Kids or Students?

Backpack Sciences curriculum is perfect for elementary educators and homeschool parents who want to feel confident teaching high level science concepts without the overwhelm.

Backpack Sciences is an online curriculum that includes the following.

  • Done-for-you science lesson plans.
  • Science videos that are easy for your kids to watch.
  • Follow-up activities that integrate a variety of subject areas.

Jackie Grundberg is the real deal.

She’s a wildlife biologist with real-world experience.

Jackie has traveled all over the world following her passion for science and she is a state certified & Montessori credentialed teacher with 20+ years of experience.

Jackie Grundberg can help you teach science to your kids or students.

Get the Help You Need to Teach Science More Effectively

Jackie Grundberg has combined her experience teaching hundreds of children with her in-the-field science background to create Backpack Sciences!

Now she’s helping homeschool families and educators like you learn about science in a fun and meaningful way.

Backpack Sciences Curriculum, Founder Jackie Grundberg. Featured on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Podcast!

Backpack Sciences Curriculum is Perfect for…

  • Homeschool Families
  • Group Leaders
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Educators

Jackie Grundberg will guide you with week-by-week lesson plans and a supportive community as you explore science with your kids or students.

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Is Backpack Sciences for You?

  • Do you want new, easy, hands-on science activities that include different subject areas?
  • Have you been looking for ways to connect science to everyday life experiences?
  • Perhaps you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to teach science to your kids?

A Membership & Courses with Backpack Sciences

Backpack Sciences is for homeschooling parents and elementary school educators who want to overcome the overwhelm in teaching science.

Backpack Science Curriculum Founder, Jackie Grundberg

Here’s What You Get Inside the Backpack Sciences Membership…

  • Short videos packed full of content.
  • Activities encouraging independence with overlapping subject areas.
  • Science lessons that are intermingled with other subject areas like art, language arts, technology, presentation skills, and much more.
  • Monthly guest speakers who focus on the topics of science, teaching, and parenting.
  • A private online group where you can get support, ask questions, and communicate with others.

Interview with the founder of Backpack Sciences

Jackie Grundberg

Explore with Backpack Sciences!

Pictures of Jackie Grundberg in the field.

Backpack Science Curriculum Founder, Jackie Grundberg

Leave the Worksheets Behind!

Discover how your family can have fun with science in a meaningful way.

Backpack Sciences Curriculum

Jackie Grundberg has the real-world experience to help you teach science to your kids.

More Ways to Learn with Backpack Sciences!

Here are more ways for your kids to learn from Jackie Grundberg, the founder of Backpack Sciences.

Backpack Science Curriculum Founder, Jackie Grundberg

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