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Calm the Chaos Parenting Workshop, Course, & Membership

Are you looking for positive solutions for your family?

Best-selling author, Dayna Abraham, helps parents Calm The Chaos®.

The founder of the popular blog Lemon Lime Adventures often says,

“My child isn’t giving me a hard time. My child is having a hard time.”

With this in mind, she guides parents with positive solutions to the challenges of raising kids. 

Dayna provides a roadmap to help families live a more peaceful life that’s filled with clarity, connection, and empowerment.

You’ll learn simple strategies that your entire family can implement in everyday life.

Calm The Chaos Parenting With Dayna Abraham

Who is Dayna Abraham?

In addition to previously being a homeschool parent and classroom teacher, Dayna Abraham is the…

Dayna Helps Parents Follow a Proven Plan to Calm The Chaos®

Hi there! I’m Jackie & I’m the founder of HomeSchool ThinkTank. In many ways, I started HomeSchool ThinkTank to solve my own problems.

And where did that lead me?

To Dayna Abraham & the Calm the Chaos Program.

When I saw Dayna speak on stage at a convention, I had no idea who she really was or what a big deal she really was. She was simply a speaker at an event.

HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast Cover: Homeschooling with Jackie

However, when Dayna spoke, she moved me. It was clear that Dayna had experienced parenting challenges similar to my own.

I was so impressed by Dayna that I quickly invited her to be one of my very first guests on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast.

From there, I learned about Dayna Abraham’s parenting programs and all that she offers.

As a result, I signed up for her free workshop. Later, I joined her online course, Calm the Chaos.

I’ve learned so much from Dayna. In her free workshops, she helps tens of thousands of parents with strategies that work.

Video Interview with Dayna Abraham from Calm the Chaos

Calm the Chaos is Impactful!

When I took the Calm the Chaos course, I was blown away at how impactful it was. Dayna Abraham leads an amazing community of parents, grandparents, education professionals, and even therapists. Inside this community, we all come together to make a positive difference in our children’s lives.

Dayna opens enrollment to new members a few times each year. Sign up or join her waiting list now.

Dayna’s course, Calm the Chaos, and her online membership, The Huddle, can be life-changing.

Dayna Abraham’s Student: One Homeschool Mom’s Story

Over the past few years, I’ve watched teacher Dayna Abraham make a positive impact on the lives of moms, dads, and children around the world. In addition, I interviewed one of her long-time students, Natasha, about her experiences in Dayna’s courses and membership.

Natasha is a homeschooling mom of four who has been learning from Dayna for years.

In the episode below, Natasha shares a few lessons that she’s learned from Dayna. It’s possible that you might get a few ideas from this episode that can help your family too.

Calm the Chaos Review with a Homeschool Mom.

Natasha is a homeschool mom of four kids, and one of her children is autistic. In this video, Natasha shares parenting tips and strategies that she’s learned from Dayna Abraham’s Calm the Chaos course and membership. Natasha has been learning from Dayna for more than five years.

You can learn from Dayna too!

Calm the Chaos Programs: An Explanation

Dayna offers three main programs that parents can sign up for. Each program offers a different level of support. I

n general, the Next Step program offers the most support. The Huddle offers good support, but not as much as Next Step. Finally, if you want to learn a little bit that can help your family, you can sign up for Dayna’s free workshop.

Next Step: Monthly Membership Program with the Calm the Chaos Course

The “Next Step.” program is a monthly membership that includes the Calm the Chaos Course and an intense level of support and a close-knit community. Here’s an overview of what’s included. Check the “Next Step” program page for more in-depth and up-to-date information.

  • Calm the Chaos Transformational Course
  • On-Demand Private Coaching
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Accountability Group
  • Monthly Implementation Challenges
  • Keep Moving Forward Monthly Mini-Trainings.
  • The Next Step Online Community
  • And More! Visit the Next Step informational page to learn more.

The Huddle: Monthly Membership Program

Inside The Huddle, you’ll discover enough information and support to start implementing the Calm the Chaos plan. Here’s an example of what you’ll find in The Huddle. Be sure to check the informational page for The Huddle to get up-to-date information.

  • 20 Ready-to-Use Meltdown plans
  • Stay Calm Thought Swaps
  • The Handle Challenging Behaviors Playbooks
  • Skill Building for Self-regulation
  • The Calm The Chaos Roadmap
  • Private Community
  • And More! Visit The Huddle informational page to learn more.

The Free Workshop: Meltdown Mastery

While the name of this workshop is Meltdown Mastery, the information shared inside the workshop can help nearly any parent. If you want to get a taste of how Dayna teaches, this is a great place to start. However, nothing replaces her online memberships: The Huddle and Next Step.

Dayna is an excellent teacher and coach who has helped thousands of parents improve their relationships with their kids.

Is Your Child Challenging to Raise?

If your child is exhibiting difficult behaviors, sensory processing behavioral issues, or you are struggling as a parent, you will learn parenting skills that can make a tremendous difference in your family’s lives.

The Calm the Chaos Framework isn’t just a pile of papers or digital notes for you to sort through. Both the course and membership are filled with educational parenting videos, an online community, and live video interaction. Dayna actively teaches and answers questions through Facebook Lives & Zoom calls.

Both Dayna Abraham & her team support you all along the way. If you get involved, you will discover an amazing community of supportive parents who are learning and supporting one another as they work to improve their family dynamic.

This is an interactive and educational experience for adults who care about kids – especially their very own children.

Have You Ever Lost Your Cool With Your Kids?

Your Children are Worth It…

Now, I want to be completely open. When you sign up for Dayna’s workshop, course, or membership, everything isn’t going to suddenly be rainbows and daisies. It does take effort. But parents like you and parents like me are willing to put in the effort because we believe that our children are worth it.

Here is what I believe. I believe that when you are willing to put in the effort and when you are willing to follow Dayna’s roadmap, your life, your child’s life, and your family’s life will improve.

Connection Before Curriculum: Connecting with Your Kids Blog Article Podcast Video

Focus on Connecting with Your Child

While I haven’t implemented everything that I’ve learned from Dayna, I’ve watched and listened to every single video in both her workshop and her course, and I am a better parent as a result. In addition, I have a better relationship with both of my daughters. Focusing on connection first has made all the difference.

The fact is that the more action you take, the better results you will have. I believe that if you implement what Dayna teaches in her workshops, course, or membership, you will have positive results.

I’ve also joined Dayna’s online parenting membership. I continue to be impressed by her dedication to families. If you’re interested in joining Dayna’s educational and supportive community, please sign up below, and we’ll let you know when enrollment opens. It’s coming up soon, so be sure to sign up now so that you don’t miss this opportunity.

Parenting is a Process

For me, this is not a one-and-done thing. Parenting is a process and raising my children is an ongoing journey. Each day, I put one foot in front of the other and continue to improve upon what I’ve learned.

Do you do this too?

I believe that most of us are doing the best that we know how to do. However, our children don’t come with instruction manuals, and we don’t usually have a complete set of parenting tools when we have children.

We’re generally doing the best we can with what we know.

If you want to improve your parenting skills and learn new parenting strategies, join Dayna’s next free workshop. It’s coming up soon!

Why Am I Sharing This?

Why am I sharing this? Because if you’ve ever been in the shoes that I was in, or Dayna was in, or the shoes that tens of thousands of other parents have been in, then you might be holding on for dear life.

Do you need this workshop like you need water?

If Dayna’s free workshop helps you enough, then you might even continue on the journey to better parenting with Dayna’s full course, Calm The Chaos or her online membership, The Huddle.

Now, you might not be hanging on for dear life, but maybe you’ve had your fair share of parenting challenges.

Maybe you know that you could use a few more parenting tools in your toolbox. If this sounds like you, then I can almost guarantee that you’ll take away some very helpful parenting tips and strategies in one of Dayna’s Free Workshops.

As a homeschooling parent, I genuinely believe that my own education is just as important as my child’s education. I actually think that in some instances, it might even be more important. When we have better tools as parents, then we can parent and educate our children better.

One of my big takeaways from Dayna’s last workshop was to focus on connection. She has actually even impacted my philosophy around homeschooling. I believe that we should focus on connecting with our children first, then community, then education. I think that this is the secret sauce to homeschool success.

This Workshop Isn’t for Everybody

While I believe this is an outstanding workshop, it’s not for everyone. Here’s who the workshop isn’t for.

  • It’s not for parents who are going to be judgmental of other families who are struggling.
  • This workshop is not for parents who already think they know it all.
  • It’s not for parents who don’t want to learn new or different parenting techniques.
Overwhelmed mom with kids

The Next Parenting Workshop Might Be for You If…

On the other hand, if you are open to learning new parenting techniques or even trying something different, then this might be for you.

  • If you are compassionate and understand that everyone who joins the workshop is clearly trying to improve their parenting skills, then this might be for you.
  • Would you like to learn some new parenting techniques? If so, then you might want to join the next workshop.
  • If you feel that you would benefit from an educational & supportive online community, then I’d like to invite you to join the next parenting workshop.

Dayna Is Knowledgeable, Real, & Genuine. 

She helps families who homeschool, families who go to school, educators, and professionals, too.

Dayna absolutely cares about families and helps parents Calm The Chaos and find peace in their homes.

 Will you join more than 50,000 parents have who have taken Dayna’s free workshop?

Parenting Challenges & Out-of-the-Box Kids

If you are struggling as a parent or have a child who exhibits difficult behaviors, Dayna wants you to know that you are not alone.

Even though Dayna Abraham is a National Board Certified Teacher with a background in Early Childhood, she once felt that she was “terrible at parenting.”

Now, Dayna Abraham is on a mission to help other parents who have out-of-the-box kids.

Calm The Chaos Parenting

Dayna Abraham

Out-of-the-Box Parenting Tips

If parenting feels hard, then it’s time to enjoy parenting again.

Does Your Child Ever…

  • Ignore you? 
  • Talk back to you anytime you ask them to do something?
  • Have epic meltdowns that come out of nowhere and leave you embarrassed in the grocery store parking lot?

If you’ve answered “Yes!” to any of the questions above, then this free workshop might be able to help you.

Hands down, this is the best free series if you want to stop fighting with your kids and start enjoying your time together instead.

Simply put, it teaches you a simple but powerful way to stop any unwanted behaviors… BEFORE they start.

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Dealing with a Child Who:

  • Won’t sit still long enough to follow directions.
  • Goes from 0-100 in the blink of an eye.
  • Can’t seem to make new friends.
  • Refuses to eat anything but bland, processed foods.
  • Has to be reminded 5, 10, 15 times to do even basic chores

You’ll learn to reduce and even eliminate the toughest behaviors with a step-by-step framework that takes you and your family from lost and overwhelmed to calm and in control without resorting to bribes, punishments, or nagging.

Dayna Abraham Parenting Lessons

Dayna may teach some of the following lessons and more in her workshops, courses, and membership.

  • The Iceberg Theory. Learn how to uncover the true cause of your child’s behavior and stop it before it even starts.
  • The Magic Reset Button. Instantly dissolve tension, so you can remain calm, connect to your child, and get them to actually listen, so they do what you ask more easily.
  • The Secret Method For Turning STRUGGLES Into SUPERPOWERS. This is a biggy. You’ll see how the behaviors that drive you batty NOW can become the very thing that helps your child thrive as they grow up.
  • The Family Success Plan. Build a family where everyone works together to avoid daily fights, meltdowns, and drama.

Sign Up for the Next Free Workshop!

Dayna’s been a teacher, a mom with kids in school, and a homeschooling mom, too.

Her workshop is packed full of helpful parenting tips and strategies. 

And yes…it really is free.  She offers a membership & a course too, but even if all you take is the free workshop, we’re pretty sure that it will be well worth your time.

 If you implement the lessons you learn in this free mini-workshop, it’s likely that you’ll begin improving the family dynamic in your home.

Calm The Chaos

The Calm The Chaos framework will give you the clarity and confidence to tackle even the most challenging behaviors—no matter what struggles you have with your child—so you can go from overwhelmed, stressed, and barely making it to thriving each and every day.

Enjoy parenting the way you’ve always wanted to. 

Do You Want to Help Your Kids Get Along?

Learn more about the Sibling & Sensory Poster Packs below! Get one today!

Sibling Get-Along Poster Pack

  • 10 simple ways to stop arguments and bickering before it even begins.
  • How to speak so your kiddos will listen — Teach your kids these words and phrases to prevent your living room from turning into World War 3.
  • 10 ways to get your kids to play nicely (either alone or together) without arguing, hurt feelings, or jealousy.

HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast Video Interview #1 with Dayna Abraham

This is an older episode, but you’ll learn a lot about Dayna and how she helps moms and dads parent out-of-the-box kids.

How to Understand Sensory Issues & Minimize Meltdowns

Understanding your child’s sensory needs is the first step toward creating the calm and stress-free family you long for.

Podcast Interviews With Dayna Abraham

I’ve now had the opportunity to interview Dayna a couple of times. Learn about the Calm The Chaos framework, the iceberg theory, and more when you listen to my interviews with Dayna Abraham.

Dayna Abraham has helped tens of thousands of parents through her free workshops, online course, and membership site. I have been her student and experienced first-hand how Dayna’s proven plan and simple strategies make a difference in my family’s daily life.

If you’re like me and want to become a better parent and understand your child better, you can learn more about Dayna Abraham’s Calm the Chaos programs here.

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