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Do you want to learn French? Do your kids want to take online French lessons?

Perhaps your entire family wants to take an online course and learn the language of France!

In this article, you’ll discover resources to help you learn the French language.

  • Language lessons for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Online French classes.
  • Full-immersion language experiences.
  • Homeschool curriculum for French.
  • French tutors and online resources to learn and speak French.

Whether young or old, a beginner or an advanced language student, you’re sure to find options to help you learn French.

Online French Programs

While all of the French language programs below are available online, some are also offered through a DVD or CD set.

Curriculum for Homeschooling. Homeschool Curriculum. HomeSchool ThinkTank.com

French Homeschool Curriculum & Reference Books

The French curricula below are likely to include textbooks, workbooks, and CD or DVD sets. Some French courses also include an online component.

History Podcasts and Homeschool Curriculum for Your Family at HomeSchool ThinkTank.com Picture of Egyptian hieroglyphics in background.

Online French Tutor Services and Courses

Please use parental judgment and supervision when using online tutoring services for your children.

Lourdes, Pyrenees Mountains, Christine Camm's Bed and Breakfast in the South West of France.
Learn to Speak French: Simply French Online with Christine Camm.

Live Online French Classes For Kids, Families, & Adults with Christine Camm

Christine Camm is the founder of Simply French Online and teaches live classes.

You can begin learning French with Christine’s free online videos or sign up for her online French course.

Full Immersion Language Experiences in the South of France

In addition to teaching French classes online, Christine Camm teaches from her home in the South of France.

Christine offers a bed and breakfast experience and acts as your travel guide while you practice French and tour the country of France. You’ll have the opportunity to practice speaking French while cooking, reading a French menu, going out to eat, and sightseeing.

Christine can be your travel guide to the Pyrenees Mountains Lourdes, and other vacation destinations in France!

HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast. Homeschooling and Coaching with Jackie

HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast Interview with Christine Camm from Simply French Online

The HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast reaches listeners around the world.

You can listen on the following platforms.

Listen to this interview with Christine Camm from Simply French Online!

Christine Camm shares the R.E.A.L. Method

In this HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast Interview, Christine shares the R.E.A.L. Method. Christine developed the R.E.A.L. Method as an effective approach to education.

  • Real
  • Effective
  • Adventurous
  • Learning

Listen to this episode and consider adapting Christine’s R.E.A.L. Method to other areas of your child’s education!

In this episode, you’ll be learning about more than French. Christine’s story is remarkable and will inspire you to follow your dreams!

Founder of Simply French Online

I am Christine – French teacher, senior leader, and French conversation expert – at least – that’s what I help YOU to be now! 

I taught in schools for over 30 years and traveled whilst teaching English, French, and Spanish, but it always came to the same thing: I just LOVE helping people speak French! 

HomeSchool ThinkTank Interviews Christine Camm on the HomeSchool ThinkTank Podcast!

Christine Camm

So I made a course to get you going and opened a membership for people to be able to practice safely with other learners, and lately . . . my newest baby: the Facebook community went bilingual!

My dream was always to live in France, so I gave absolutely everything up and did it!

Go Bold!

I bought a house in the South West of France for people to also come over and live the French country life here. And there are the Pyrenees mountains so close by that if I wake up and need to go skiing on fresh powder, I can take my local students there for their lessons! And now – all my French and English students are buzzing about their learning in the bilingual Facebook group.

Dreams do come true, and after a hard start in life . . . I want to help other people realize their speaking French dreams too.  

To me, learning a language is about US, about togetherness, and about sharing a life and culture, even if it’s online. 

Christine Camm

Founder of Simply French Online

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