How Homeschoolers Make Friends

How do homeschoolers make friends? Do you need some ideas to help your young children, homeschooled kids, and teens make new friends while homeschooling? If you need ideas about new ways to make friends as a homeschooler, then this article is for you.

While this article is geared toward homeschooling families, you’ll find many ideas about how to make new friends that are helpful to all people including kids, teens, and adults.

There are plenty of homeschoolers around. Prior to the COVID19 Pandemic, there were more than 2 million homeschooled kids across the United States alone. So if you’re looking to make new friends who homeschool, there are probably plenty of other homeschoolers who live near you.

Let’s put your mind at ease and show you how homeschooled kids make friends and how to meet other homeschool families and groups in your community. 

We suggest reading this article and listening to the podcast episode below.  You’ll discover additional information in our podcast episode about how homeschoolers make friends. Near the bottom of this page you’ll also find a few videos about how to make friends.

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15+ Ways Homeschoolers Make Friends…

  • Sports
  • Library
  • Museums
  • Public, Private, & Charter School Programs (we’ll explain)
  • Homeschool Programs
  • Youth Programs
  • Homeschool Conventions
  • Community Centers
  • Churches
  • Outdoor Programs
  • Nature Centers
  • Parks
  • Studio Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Volunteering
  • Parents
  • The Domino Effect
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Homeschooled kids play sports too. Here’s how you can get your kids involved.

  • Check online for local homeschool sports programs.
  • Contact your local parks & recreation department.
  • Check with both local & national youth organizations like Boys & Girls Club, Little League, etc.  
  • Get in touch with community centers & churches.
  • Check with the public & private schools.  Some school districts allow homeschooled students to take part in public-school sports.     
  • If homeschool sports haven’t been promoted in your area, consider collaborating with others to get a new program started.
  • Contact us to share sports programs for homeschoolers through HomeSchool ThinkTank.

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The Library

Visit with your librarian and other employees at the library.  At the very least, they likely know other homeschool families and may be able to introduce you. 

It’s possible that your library has contact information for homeschool groups.  

Many libraries offer after-school programs or programs during the day targeted to homeschool families.  If you frequent the library, you may meet other families who homeschool. 

Many homeschool families love going to the library during school hours.


Many museums, especially children’s museums, offer homeschool activities.  They offer everything from art activities to science experiments.  Kids can learn how to paint like Picasso or learn how electricity works at a museum. 

Be sure to take note of small groups with school age children and adults during school hours, there’s a good chance they are homeschoolers. 

If you strike up a conversation, you might find yourself making new friends at the museum.

Also, remember to ask your museum staff if they have contact information or activities for homeschool groups.

Museum of the Rockies Vikings Exhibit

Home School, Public School, Charter School, or Private School

Can we mix it up? Yes, you can combine homeschooling with other educational options.

While we are pro homeschooling, Live & Learn You Way™ is our slogan and we mean it! Do what works for your family! 

We’re fortunate to live in a time & place where we have choices.  Love it or hate it…many schools offer shared school or family school programs.  

If you are interested in combining other educational options with homeschooling, we suggest visiting with your local homeschooling organization first. You’ll want to understand how your choices impact your family where you live.

After checking with your local homeschooling organization, then you might check with your local school district.

It’s important to understand that public schools want your child enrolled because they receive funding when your children are in school.

Do what is in the best interest of your child, not what’s in the best interest of the school district.

Homeschool Programs

In many areas, there are numerous groups & programs available to homeschool families. 

However, finding & sharing homeschool groups can be a challenge

At HomeSchool ThinkTank, we want to help solve that problem. 

If you are interested in sharing homeschool groups or activities on our website, please visit us here.

HomeSchool ThinkTank! Live & Learn Your Way!

Parents: Making Friends as An Adult

When you have friends who are parents, then your children can become friends with your friends’ kids.

This seems simple, but what if you or your kids have social anxiety?

Watch the video below to help you learn how to make friends if you or your children have social anxiety.

Video: How Do You Make Friends if You Have Social Anxiety?

Youth Programs

Homeschooled students participate in programs like any other kid

Sports leagues, scouting organizations, 4H, orchestra, & drama groups are all programs and activities that homeschool kids take part in. 

Involve your child in various activities until they find something they want to pursue at a deeper level

In essence, friendships and skills can be built around any activity. 

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Join us and start implementing these steps in your home and local community.

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Online Homeschool Parent Meetups

Community Centers

Community centers and churches can be very helpful and accommodating to homeschool families.  Often, they allow homeschoolers to use their space for free, for a minimal cost, or for an exchange of service. 

It is likely that a homeschool group meets at a community center or church near you.  

Some groups form classes like geography, STEM, languages, choir, and art.  Children often meet once or twice a week and take classes together for years on end. 

Deep and lasting friendships can be the result of these types of classes.

How to Be a Good Friend!

Outdoor Programs, Nature Centers, & Parks

Check with nature centers, outdoor programs, and your public parks department to learn about homeschool activities

There may be homeschool groups who meet around various activities like walking, mountain biking, or park days in your area. 

If you can’t find something of interest, consider starting a homeschool group

Certainly there are others who would like to join you!

Studio Classes

Call your local studios and inquire about classes. Y

ou can discover gymnastics, martial arts, art classes, and more through private studios.

If you would like a studio to offer a class for homeschoolers, ask if they might create a class. 

Many studios sit empty through the school hours and they may be more than happy to utilize their space and offer classes to homeschool students. 

Recreation Centers

Have you checked with your recreation center to see what activities they offer

Most rec centers offer general classes and they might even offer classes created for homeschool kids as well. 

Recreation centers offer activities like basketball, bicycling, rock climbing, and swimming lessons.

Consider helping organize a class for homeschoolers. 

It only takes one person to get the ball rolling!

Children Explain How to Make Friends

In this video, you’ll hear tips from kids about how to make friends.

If your children struggle to make friends, it might be helpful to watch this video with them and talk about it.

  1. Say, “Hello.”
  2. Smile.
  3. Be polite.
  4. Listen.
  5. Be kind.
  6. Take turns.
  7. Joining in.
  8. Share.


Volunteering is an excellent way to meet others. 

Whether your child volunteers as an individual or you volunteer as a family, the act of giving is an enriching experience. 

You can teach your child to give as an individual, with family and friends, or through an organization. 

Either way, you can make new friendships that have the potential to grow into deeper, more meaningful relationships.

The Domino Effect

There are probably more homeschooling families living near you than you imagined. 

Once you meet a few homeschool families, it is likely that the domino effect will begin, and you will continue to make new friends. 

Reach out, visit with people, and you will certainly begin making new friends.

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How are Homeschoolers Socialized?

How do homeschooled kids make friends?

They make friends like everyone else – by doing things.

Homeschoolers can get involved both locally and online to connect with various groups, activities, and events in their community.

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Meet as Strangers Leave as Friends

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