TENZI Game & Review: How Do You Play Tenzi? A HomeSchool ThinkTan Review

Some people call this the world’s fastest game! While the TENZI dice game is a great party game for adults, TENZI can also be used as an educational math game that’s fun for the whole family.

TENZI is a fun game that can be purchased in many variations. However, we suggest getting the starter bundle that includes the cards and dice sets for up to 6 people. You’ll also want to consider getting an additional package of 100 colored dice that can be used for more players and other educational purposes.

Further down this page is a video to help you learn how to play the great game of TENZI. In addition, you can listen to a HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast episode that shares more about this fun family game.

Get Started with the TENZI Game!

When you search Amazon for TENZI, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the many options. To simplify your shopping experience, we recommend purchasing the first two options to get started with the game. By purchasing the first two options, you’ll have plenty of dice to play the game and use for other educational purposes.

  1. TENZI Starter Bundle with Cards and Dice for 6 Players (Recommended): This is what you need to start playing TENZI.
  2. 100 Colorful Dice for 10 Players (Recommended): This is a great add-on item that can be used for other games and educational purposes.
  3. More TENZI and Dice Options: TENZI and Colorful Dice are offered in multiple packages.

While this fun, fast, frenzy game is excellent for kids and teens, it’s also a great dice game for adult gatherings.

Video: TENZI & Colorful Dice

This short video illustrates some of the TENZI cards and mixed packages of colorful dice.

About Playing the Game: TENZI

TENZI is a fast-paced dice game that can be played with few to many people. If a child wants to play quietly alone, that’s possible. However, TENZI is an excellent game for families and large groups. This game is so much fun, and you’re only limited by the sets of dice you have available.

You’ll want a version with the card pack when you first purchase the game. The deck of cards will help you play the game and inspire creativity. You can use the same card for multiple rounds or change cards with each round. The rules of the game change with each card.

Since all players roll their dice simultaneously, TENZI is generally a loud and fast-paced game. However, further down this page, we share some ideas to help make the game quieter and more fun for kids with sensory processing issues.

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TENZI Fun! Versatile & Educational Game

If you want a versatile, quick game that can be played and used in many different ways, TENZI is the game to get. While the advantages of playing this game vary based on the player’s age and developmental level, here’s a short list of potential benefits of regular play.

  • Improved Math Skills: Addition and multiplication skills are commonly used in TENZI.
  • Color Recognition: Young children can learn to recognize different colors of dice.
  • Confident Number Recognition: Children will quickly learn to recognize the dots on dice as specific numbers.
  • Creative Thinking: While you’ll begin by playing with the TENZI card pack, you’ll soon be thinking of your own TENZI variations to play the game.
  • Increased Speed of Thinking: This game is competitive by design, and players will think quickly as they try to win each hand.
  • Social Skills: Games are a fun way to help children improve their communication and “sportsmanship” skills.
  • Pattern Recognition: From mirroring a pattern on a card to lining up dice by color or number, your kids will play pattern games and use pattern recognition.
  • Improved Reading & Comprehension Skills: Children read different cards throughout the game.
  • Improved Listening & Comprehension: Kids will need to listen to the directions on each card and apply what they heard.
  • Improved Fine Motor Skills: Fine motor skills are constantly used during dice games. From pinching to cupping the dice, your kids will be improving their fine motor skills.

The benefits of playing TENZI are many, and this is a game we highly recommend.

Listen to the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast!

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Listen to this podcast episode about the TENZI game.

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How Do You Play the TENZI game?

The TENZI dice game is played by following the instructions on each card. There a lots of different ways to play the game, but here are the basics.

  • A player will read the card aloud to the group.
  • All players roll their dice and follow the card directions.
  • The first player to complete the card’s directions says, “TENZI!”
  • Early finishers can build a TENZI Tower.

Buy this dice and card bundle to get started with TENZI.

p.s. Let us know about YOUR favorite TENZI games in the COMMENTS.

Video: How to Play TENZI

Colorful Dice Packs

You can purchase colored dice packs to supplement the basic TENZI Dice & Card Bundle Set. With an extra set of dice, you can have more players. In addition, the colorful dice can be used for other board games and as part of your homeschool supplies.

  1. TENZI Party Pack with Cards and Dice for 6 Players (Recommended): Start playing TENZI with this set.
  2. 100 Colorful Dice for 10 Players (Recommended): Used for other dice, board games, and educational purposes.
  3. More TENZI and Dice Options: TENZI and Colorful Dice are offered in multiple packages.

Playing the TENZI Game with Kids Who Have Sensory Processing Issues

Kids with sensory processing issues are often bothered by loud noises. TENZI is often called TENZI FRENZY, which is indicative of this oftentimes frenetic game. This fast, energetic, and seemingly uncontrolled game can trigger kids who have sensory processing issues.

Whether playing at home with your family, in a group environment, or in a classroom, these ideas can help you play TENZI with those who have sensory processing issues.

Dice Games for Handwriting

Did you know that playing dice games will help your kids with handwriting? When playing dice games, your kids use many muscles in their hands, which will help improve their handwriting.

See this article and video interview with occupational therapist Polly Benson to learn more about using dice to improve fine motor skills.

Helping Homeschooled Kids with Handwriting! Interview with occupational therapist and inventor of Legiliner: Polly Benson.

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