Achieve Your Goals

Do you want to achieve your goals?

Do you need a few action steps to help you guide your family toward homeschool success?

Implement the action steps that we share to help you achieve your goals.

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How to Achieve Your Goals

At Homeschool ThinkTank, we believe that having a vision for your family, goal setting, and personal management are key to guiding your family toward homeschool success.

Below are steps that will help you start achieving your goals. Do you want more help? Join our online coaching program for homeschool parents!

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Journal Your Thoughts Each Morning

When you wake up each morning, take a few minutes to write down everything that you want to accomplish in the day.

Some people call this a brain dump. You are literally dumping everything that is swirling around in your head onto a piece of paper.

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Write Down & Reference Your To-Do Items

  1. Next, consider the high priority action steps that you need to take to generate the results you want from your day.
  2. Write these action items down on an index card.
  3. Number the action items in order of importance.
  4. Reference your index card several times a day.
  5. If needed, set an alarm to remind you to check your card.

Write Down The Feelings You Want to Generate

Each morning write down three feelings that you need to generate to achieve the results that you want to achieve in your day.

This might seem strange, but you can choose the feelings that you want to create for the day.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll have 100% success, but you’ll become keenly aware of how your thoughts create your feelings.

Make sure the feelings you choose align with the results you want from your day.

Consider writing your feelings down on sticky notes and putting them where you will see them several times a day.

Create a Vision for Your Life and Family

Create, Record, & Listen to Your Own Priorities

If you thought it was strange that you might be able to generate your own feelings, you’ll probably find the idea of recording your own voice and to be really odd. You can certainly dismiss the idea, or you can give it a try and begin to see the difference it makes.

You’ll want to start by listening and taking action on the episode entitled Prioritizing Your Time. Once you’ve written down and completed the steps in that episode, open up the voice recorder app on your phone and record the outcomes you want, your goals, and your priorities.

Listen to your recording twice every single day. If you feel odd about this, pop your ear buds in and nobody else will hear you listening to a recording of yourself!

Prioritizing Your Time: Blog, Podcast, Vide

Start Making Progress

When you take the action steps that we’ve described in this article, you’ll begin making progress toward achieving the goals you’ve set.

As homeschooling parents, it’s important that we set ourselves up for daily success as we guide our children.

When you put the action steps into action, you’ll begin seeing more progress as you strive to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

You might even want to teach your kids these steps too.

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