Why I Homeschool My Kids

Why I Homeschool My Kids

My name is Jackie & I’m the host of the HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast.

I’d like to share why I homeschool my kids.

A Few of the Reasons Why I Homeschool My Kids

  • Connection. I want my kids to feel connected and important in their home.
  • Values. I want to share the lessons that I think are important with my children. The more time I have with my kids, the more opportunities we have for deep conversations.
  • A Calm Household. It’s about calm mornings & pleasant evenings. There’s no need for morning madness.  Also, in the after-school hours, we aren’t doing homework. At my house, evenings are family time, not homework time.
  • Developing a Love of Learning. Time to read because you want to read is invaluable. Learning because you’re interested in something is much more valuable than learning just to pass a test. Watching my kids create stories in their head and share them on paper is a dream come true.
  • Freedom. By homeschooling we have flexibility in our everyday living. I want to live life with a schedule that I create and focus on what’s most important for my family.

Ultimately, I want the freedom and opportunities that can only be had by homeschooling my kids.

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Why I Homeschool My Kids

I shared this short video several years ago. Today, my oldest is a homeschool graduate, and we’re in the final years of homeschooling our youngest.

Be sure to listen to the podcast episode too. It’s different than the video!

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