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Why Write? Penmanship for the 21st Century with Master Penman, Jake Weidmann

Jake Weidmann is one of 12 Master Penman in the world. In his TEDx Talk, Jake Weidmann shares why handwriting matters and impressive examples of how handwriting can be used to express oneself.

Handwriting Leads to 3 Forms of Literacy

  1. Historic Literacy.
  2. Intellectual Literacy.
  3. Creative Literacy.

Handwriting Helps Children Learn How to Read

Jake Weidmann explains that handwriting was found to be incredibly helpful in small children who were learning to read. By forming individual letters, children gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy of each letter. When a child can write an individual letter, he or she then has the ability to read the letter.

Progress from Printing to Cursive Handwriting Skills

It’s important to progress from printing to cursive handwriting skills. Jake shares that scientists have found that different parts of the brain are engaged when typing, printing, and writing in cursive. Writing in cursive coincides with higher levels of reasoning.

Master Penman: Jake Weidmann TEDx Talk

50+ Dollar Store Ideas to Help Your Child Improve Their Handwriting!

Why Learning to Write in Cursive is Important

Learning to print and learning to write in cursive are both important. However, there are tremendous benefits associated with writing in cursive.

Some of the benefits of learning to write in cursive include improved reading, thinking, memory, and creative expression.

Also, when one can write a language, he or she then has the ability to read and comprehend historical documents without a mediator.

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Typing vs Handwriting: Which Is Better for Your Memory?

The video below explains that when students type a lecture verbatim, they perform worse on tests than when they write their notes by hand.

When notes are written, the student has to think and summarize the material to keep up with a lecture.

On the other hand, when typing, a student simply has to regurgitate the material into their keyboard.

In essence, handwritten study notes leads to better comprehension than notes typed on a laptop.

The Pursuit of Perfect Penmanship

In this video, you’ll learn about the history of handwriting.

Master Penman, Michael Sull, Shares the History of Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

Master Penman, Michael Sull, narrates a short history of the early Zanerian College and the founder, Charles Paxton Zaner.

Throughout the video, Michael Sull demonstrates the beauty of his handwriting.

Michael Sull, a Master Penman, is widely regarded as the individual credited with “bringing back” 19th century American penmanship from obscurity.

Through his teaching, demonstrations, and publications, he has ushered in the renaissance of interest and popularity this field now enjoys.

Mr. Sull is thought to be the last working penman and only certified Master Penman with direct ties to the golden age of the Zanerian College.

His teacher, Master Penman Paul H. O’Hare, graduated from the Zanerian College in 1909.

Paul H. O’Hare was taught by Charles Paxton Zaner and Elmer Ward Bloser.

Zaner-Bloser Company.
This quote was slightly edited for ease of reading.

Zanerian College of Penmanship becomes the Zaner-Bloser Company

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Homeschool Curriculum Video Review

This review shows a mix of older and new books.

The books’ levels generally correspond with a child’s grade level. It’s unlikely that you’ll need the teacher’s manual.

D’Nealian Method of Handwriting

The purpose of the D’Nealian Method is to make the transition from printing to cursive easier for students.

The D’Nealian Method was popular in the 1970s and 80s but is still used in some schools today.

Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum Overview

The video below was developed by the creators of the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum.

Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum Review

Kindergarten & Preschool Handwriting Overview

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Spencerian Workbooks Review

Handwriting: Muscular Movement of the Palmer Method

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Handwriting Video Tutorials

Below are several video tutorials that will help your child learn how to hold a pencil and write their letters and numbers.

How To Hold A Pencil: Get a Grip!

This video will help you teach your child how to hold their pencil.

Video for Kids: How to Hold a Pencil with Ally the Alligator

Handwriting Curriculum & Workbooks at HomeSchool thinkTank. Blog, Podcast, Video

Handwriting for Kids: Upper Case Letter Formation Video

Handwriting for Children: Lowercase Letter Formations Using Handwriting Without Tears Verbal Cues

American Cursive Handwriting for Beginners Video

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