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Why do you homeschool your kids? This is an important question. 

Your why influences how you educate and raise your children.

There are two types of answers.

  1. You are homeschooling to avoid something.
  2. You are homeschooling with a purpose.

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What’s Your Big Why?

Most of us have answers in each category, but…what’s your big why?

Do you focus on what you are avoiding or do you focus on your purpose.

If you are homeschooling to avoid something, then you likely don’t want your kids exposed to the school setting.

If you are homeschooling with purpose, then you are going toward something. When you have a purpose, you have a reason to homeschool.

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Are You Homeschooling To Avoid Something?

Do any of these examples ring a bell for you?

  • Do you disagree with what is being taught in school?  
  • Is your kid being bullied
  • Are you concerned about school shootings?
  • Are you worried about COVID19?
  • Do you want your kids testing, and testing, and testing some more

There’s not a shortage of reasons that parents don’t want their kids in school.

Why don’t you want your kids in school?

As parents, we have valid concerns about the school system and environment. We have solid reasons that we don’t want our kids in school

Homeschooling with Purpose vs Avoidance

In reality, homeschooling parents are likely avoiding the school system, otherwise we would put our kids in school. While this is likely the case, it is also very important that you also have a reason to homeschool your kids.

Having a greater purpose to homeschool your children is essential to homeschooling your kids for years to come.

Your purpose, or your why, is what will help you succeed in homeschooling your children.

Are You Homeschooling With Purpose?

Let’s think about the opposite side of that coin. If you are homeschooling with a purpose, then you might relate with some of these thoughts.

Maybe you are homeschooling for one of the following reasons.

  • You are EXCITED about homeschooling your kids!
  • A better education for your children.
  • Quality time is difficult to come by without a quantity of time
  • You want to share values that matter to you with your children. 
  • Homeschooling provides you with greater opportunities to teach your kids important life lessons. 
  • Your kids will have time to develop and pursue a passion
  • You envision experiences with your kids that would be difficult to have if they were in school all day.
  • A flexible lifestyle.

You can likely add to this list of reasons to homeschool your children.

Why Do You Homeschool Your Kids? Homeschool With Purpose.

HomeSchool Your Kids With Focus

While you likely have reasons that you don’t want your kids in school, it’s important to keep your focus on the reasons that you want to homeschool your children.

Your why is what will keep you homeschooling your children for the long haul and what will carry you through the hard days.

Keep your focus on the many reasons that you homeschool your children and envision yourself homeschooling your kids successfully for years to come.

Homeschool With Focus

Make a List of the Reasons You Want to Homeschool Your Kids

While you may have started homeschooling your kids to avoid something, you probably continue because you are going toward something.

Keep in mind that it’s difficult to continue to homeschool your kids if you’re simply avoiding the school system. To get the best results from homeschooling your children, you have to have a purpose, a reason, a passion about what you’re doing. That’s why it’s important to do the following step.

Write down your reasons for homeschooling your children and put it where you will see it often. This visual reminder will help you keep life and homeschooling in perspective.

Share Why You Homeschool Your Kids

The next time someone asks you why you homeschool your kids, share your Big Why and the reasons you continue to homeschool your kids.

Let Others Know…

  • What excites you about homeschooling.
  • How you have more time to teach your kids valuable life lessons & skills.
  • The experiences you enjoy as a homeschool family.
  • The myriad of educational opportunities.
  • Why you continue to homeschool your kids.

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