Alison Schlagel. A Mom Who Was Homeschooled

Have you ever wanted to hear from an adult who was homeschooled? In this podcast & video, you’ll meet Alison Schlagel.

If you want to hear about the pros and the cons of homeschooling from a student who was homeschooled, then this interview is for you.

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Home Educated From Kindergarten to High School

Alison is an adult who was home educated from kindergarten through high school. Ali says that she wouldn’t trade her homeschooling years for anything. 

Now, she’s a married woman who plans to homeschool her toddler.  In fact, not only was Ali homeschooled, but her husband was homeschooled too.

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She shares the benefits of homeschooling, talks about various homeschool curriculum, her homeschool schedule, and more.

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Snippets From Our Interview With Alison Schlagel

While Alison’s daughter was only 15 months old at the time of our interview, in essence, Ali is already homeschooling her daughter.

To be clear, Alison isn’t imitating the public school model with her 15 month old daughter. Really, Alison is simply raising and parenting her daughter. While her daughter isn’t school-age, she is always learning. Reading to her daughter, playing with her, and loving her, is exactly what this 15 month old toddler needs.

In many ways, Ali was self taught. She did a lot of school work on her own, and as a result, is very independent. Ali thinks that she could have benefited from more one on one time. She also believes that it’s important to ask questions and have conversations to help kids remember the information that they are learning.

As Alison steps into homeschooling her own child, she wants to have a more active role in homeschooling her daughter. At the same time, she also wants to have more kids and understands that she will need to find balance between instructing her children and being involved while raising multiple children.

Ultimately, Ali wants her kids to seek out knowledge for themselves and have the ability to learn on their own.

Alison’s Homeschool Schedule

When asked what her school schedule looked like, Ali says that she got up around seven in the morning. Then she ate breakfast and did chores. Afterward, she and her siblings would begin doing their schoolwork. Sometime before lunch her family would gather for their daily Bible reading (please see note below.)

Ali’s family didn’t try to fit subjects into specific time slots because the time needed to complete a lesson didn’t necessarily match a specific amount of time.

According to Alison, one of the beauties of homeschooling is it’s flexibility because each kid learns a little bit differently, each family has it’s own style.

She states that you need to be willing to change something if it’s not working, but also find the things you like and stick with them.

A Note From HomeSchool ThinkTank

Please note that HomeSchool ThinkTank is an inclusive organization. While we are not a faith-based company, we love to share a variety of perspectives and stories.

Regardless of your religious beliefs,, there are many lessons that you can take from our interview with Alison Schlagel.

Your Homeschool Schedule Blog Podcast Video

A Short Introduction With Alison Schlagel

Another Benefit of Homeschooling

When asked about the benefits of homeschooling, here is what Alison had to say.

“I think one of the greatest advantages is that you build a stronger family. You’re not split up during the day, most of the day you’re together. And yeah, I was in my room, and my sister was upstairs, and another one was at the kitchen table. But we were all together at mealtimes. We all had to do our chores together. We did our daily Bible reading together. And it builds a stronger family culture – I would think – because you’re interacting more, you get to know each other better, just by the virtue of – you’ve got time to spend together.”

Alison Schlagel

Alison’s Mom

When Alison was in third grade, her mom was very ill.

She passed away when Ali was only ten years old.

Even throughout this time, Alison and her four siblings continued to homeschool.

The family’s pastor’s wife stepped in and helped with the children’s education.

Later, Alison’s father remarried.

Alison’s (step) mom brought much needed structure to the family’s home.

Ali says, “I am eternally grateful for her being willing to come in and take on five kids that weren’t hers and be a mom.”

Parenting: Strive To Live Your Best Life

As we continue our conversation Alison states the following.

Our kids are always watching. There’s a proverb: ‘Little pitchers have big ears.’

Our children are listening to us, they are watching us, and what they see seems to have even more of an impact than what we say.”

Alison goes on to say:

“As parents, I think that what we should strive to do is live the life we want our children to live, and that’s not easy. We’re humans, we make mistakes. But if we are not striving to live our best life, then our children will also not strive to live their best life.

And by homeschooling, by being together as a family, we get so much more of an opportunity to show them, to show our kids, who we want for them to be and that is probably the biggest and most important reason for me to homeschool.”

Alison Schlagel

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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One of the beauties of homeschooling is it’s flexibility – because each kid learns a little bit differently, each family has it’s own style.

Alison Schlagel

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